In my opinion as a person who likes shotguns for the sheer force they posses would like to see mass effect have a full auto shotgun, and logically its not a stretch to ask for, fully automatic shotguns already exists and mass effect takes place in the future so if we have automatic shotguns already how can they be impossible to have in the future, that fact should make the idea easier to develop with the better technology. From a game play standard i understand that the weapon would probably be overpowered and make CQC as easy as breathing, but you have to admit aside from making things too easy that a fully automatic shotgun with a high rate of fire would be just plain FUN. and to prevent it from being an overpowered super weapon all you have to do is give it a low baseline damage value to justify its automatic fire mode.

This is just MY opinion of a gun Id like to see, but you've got to admit that such a weapon would be just plain old FUN.

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