• TheBiggerTicket

    Time for my first blog. Ever wanted to combine the tracking shots of a Geth Plasma Shotgun with the firerate of an assault rifle? I know I have. How about you? Any ideas for the perfect gun? List them below!


    You can name your gun whatever you want as long as it can make sense in the Mass effect world.

    Guns should be made of only five parts: type, clip size, power, firerate, and a special quality, like your gun's shots track or the scope can highlight targets or enemies explode on death.

    If you need to bend a rule to make a cool gun, go ahead.

    An example of a weapon design:

    • M-270 Gladius

    -Type: Assault Rifle

    -CLip: 30/120

    -Power: Moderate

    -Firerate: Automatic

    -Special: Shots can track enemies around corners like Throw or Incinerate, but weaken …

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