So great, my home PC has become cranky. Hopefully I'll find out what's wrong with it the next couple of days and most importantly, I hope I do not need to get any replacement parts :( I guess it also means I might need to reinstall every single software again, and that includes ME and ME2. And I've a important side project I need to complete but it is now stuck in my PC. Darn. On top of that, I'm busier with work lately, so I will only be around here now and then when I can. Cheers to Murphy's law!

Update: So... it turns out I have a busted mobo. USB controllers and stuffs just went pfftt. A replacement mobo is imminent. Sigh.

Update 2: Finally replaced my mobo. And since I was eyeing an Intel i5 system for a while, the tech geek within got the better of me and I got a little more than a just mobo. *roll eyes*

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