So I drafted out a layout of how MEW might possibly look like with the new skin. I reused the theme colours and the content is a screenshot taken from its existing page... and merged it with the new beta skin from Wikia. Also, I took some liberties to add in some of my own enhancements. I may have even surprised myself. To point out again, this is just a draft, not a final version or anything. Just to give us some visual ideas, that's all. See it in full size for the best view:

MEW MainPage BetaSkin

Sample Main page [1]

MEW Character BetaSkin

Sample Character page [2]

Edit: Figured that the pinkish nebula might be taking it a lil too far. So here's without it.

MEW MainPage2 BetaSkin

Sample Main page [3]

MEW Character2 BetaSkin

Sample Character page [4]

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