So LotSB is out! Judging by the number of updates going recently, looks like LotSB has plenty of content (and suspense!) More reason to stay away from this wiki to avoid spoilers I guess...

But I can't play LotSB yet as I have been occupied with Starcraft II and before that, Batman: Arkham Asylum (a lil late), which is one of the reasons I've been MIA a week plus or so. First impressions on SCII seems good, though anyone who played Starcraft will definitely feel at home with its successor. Although I've not completed the game yet, there's something in the plot that stood out, (Possible spoilers!) something about a cycle is going to be complete. Sounds kinda like Reaper's cycle of extinction. I'll give more thoughts to it once I've completed it.

And if anyone hasn't played Batman: AA, this is a MUST get game. Seriously. Even if you are not a Batman fan (I don't consider myself a fan either)!

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