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  • Teugene

    Just out of curiosity, who among the Mass Effect Wiki community is playing Diablo III?

    I picked Monk as I did during the open beta. It was an intriguing character but I wasn't disappointed when I chose Monk. The Monk's speed and AoE attacks appealed to me. My character is not at a level high enough to test it's full potential but judging from the skills[1] from Blizzard's website, it looks like it will pack a serious punch to hell's minions.

    If you are playing DIII, what character(s) are you playing?

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  • Teugene

    Christina Norman from Bioware has mentioned about a final Mass Effect 3 demo in the upcoming E3! I'm excited to see the new stuffs they planned for ME3. What do you expect to see in this demo?

    Christina Norman's Twitter post.

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  • Teugene

    Feast your eyes on it.

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  • Teugene

    Hey guys, it's been a long time since I dropped by. It has been a busy and gruelling couple of months for me, hence the absence. And.... Christmas is another 3 days away, so in case I missed the date, I wish in advance everyone here a Blessed Christmas, Happy Holidays, and have a jolly good New Year!

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  • Teugene

    And it's all white! It's like I'm on another planet!

    Edit: You can still revert back to Monaco until it expires on Nov 3rd.

    Personal skin customization can be done at '

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