everybody hates the endings (including me, but leaning more on the 'disappointed' side rather than active dislike), much has been said etc etc.

so here i'll be dealing laconic treatments to some of the glaring issues that last 15 or so minutes of gameplay produced.

just for a change of pace.

1) why didn't starchild assume control from the very beginning?

besides the fact we won't have mass effect 1, 2 and 3 if he did, his inaction fits consistently with a god's. when was the last time you saw the christian god intervene directly on earthly affairs? "its existence can be inferred, not observed" indeed. it took godlike (eh, pun) determination and effort to reach him, after all. he wanted to see if circumstances evolve enough to the point that requires his presence.

2) mass relays exploding and NOT ending all civilization! joker and company ending up lightyears from the battlefield! shepard lives under red magic beam ending while geth die (after all your efforts at reconciling them with quarians) wtf?

from what i've gathered they'll explain all this in the extended cut dlc. that's good because even i can't think of a piss-poor excuse for those.

3) dextro aliens dying of starvation over earth

if you chose geth over quarians, turians are apparently frelled. but not necessarily. ships are obviously stocked with foodstuffs that can last for a very long time. 10 years, in fact, if dining for one and with alliance supplies. now turians being the complete military freaks that they are, imagine that they wouldn't have ignored this simple survival precaution. now if you got quarians to live, the situation's not so bad after all. they have the liveships - assuming there's some intact after the battle. glass cannons.

4) anderson arriving at the terminal before shepard did

you indoctrination theorists put too much stock in this from what i've read. the explanation's far more mundane. shep and anderson ended up in different places. anderson mentioned the citadel walls shifting. shepard doesn't see any other paths to the terminal except his/hers. again, read 2 sentences before this. TIM literally popping out of a wall isn't that much of a stretch.

5) shepard not being the inquisitive type that s/he was at that confrontation with starchild

"where did you reapers come from?" "billions of years ago there was..." cue glassy-eyed shepard drooling blood on the floor some 500 minutes later.

there, as blunt as possible without being tl;dr. i'll just leave this here, will update if i see/remember something interesting.

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