...or maybe not.

now that i've seen for myself the gist of what the extended cut has to offer, here be pros cons wildmassguessings and the like. spoilers abound, tl;dr levels as low as possible.


  • significantly more differences between the endings aside from the lights
  • all but the most astoundingly stu...bborn indoctrination theorists freed from indoctrination
  • green glowy eyes on everyone we know (extra points for javik: ಠಠ_ಠಠ )
  • investigate options
  • SO BE IT, followed by liara's time capsule a cycle later (this falls under the subheading 'lol')
  • "an ending, once and for all", extended reprise. beautiful, to say the least.
  • this picture, although not as epic as the next one.
Geth and quarian in synthesis ending
Krogan children
  • again, for emphasis... Ķ͔̠̟̥̯̬͈̯̩͎̌̐ͣ̉ͣͭͮͣ̑̚͞͞Ȑ̵̢̩̜̰̳̦̫͔̫̣̜̬̼̩̞̝̂ͨ̑ͩ͂̎ͣ͆ͮ̐̊ͩ͐ͪ̓ͬͭ͂̕ͅͅO̷̦̱̙͍̯̬̟͉͋͋͂̐̒͛̚̕͘͝G̢͍̭̰̦̣̱̹͓̟̘͍̙̞̺̯̣͚͇͓ͣͧ̆̓̈̿ͯ̾͋̉̈̌͒̏ͬͯ͢͝A̧̡̨̯͖̲̹̗̳̭̩̱͎̗͉̖̣̪̠͍̽ͤ̐͆ͥ̅̾̉̒ͯ͆͆͑̓̚̚ͅN̶̷̑̂͛̊ͬ͊̆̄́͜͏͉͍̤̲̹̲̼̝͕̦͖͎͍̩͖̙̞͖͈ ̸̛ͯͮͮ̔̐͆̋̈͛̒̆̍ͩ̏̚̚͏̮̖̳̭̦͍̙̤̝̼̼̫͎B̼̘̮̺̯̳̖͉̗̭̜̣̰͚̩͙̰ͤ̎̏̔̑ͧ́̕Â̴̸̱̻̹̱̬̟̞͇̺̮͙̲ͫͧ̿̓ͬ̐ͩ̒̊͂̐͐ͯ̂͘͘͡B͌͛́̆́̎̿͏̙̦̣̙̻̰̮͝Ǐ̸͖̥͎͚͈͇̬͓̫̺̠̝̟̰̪ͯ̋́̂͆̉ͦͨ̐̔̌Ẽ̵̟͎̘̘͉̩̞̜̗̦̳̘̭͊̚͜S̛̅ͯͣͨͩͮ͜҉̭͚̣͉̭̞͔̮͎͙̬͉͖̼̕ͅ.
Krogan children on synthesis ending


  • no volus bombers. or dreadnought kwunu. or for that matter, still no appearances of the other auxillary assets (terminus fleet, batarian/hanar/elcor fleets etc). this of course translates into additional concept brainstorming, object modelling and all sorts of devwork too impractical to include as of EC release, so it's forgivable.
  • destroy option still botched... by only a margin. you'd expect shepard to at least object to other synthetics dying along with the reapers if s/he managed to solve the geth/quarian conflict peaceably. as a consequence, no shots of geth dying and only 1 shot of EDI. not even a joker face reaction if she's his girlfriend. HOWEVER, since destroy is the lowest-EMS option (if you also blew up the collector base), chances are on shepard deliberately making the "wrong" choices throughout the three games, making it unlikely for the scenario of saving both geth and quarians in this type of playthrough. a little jarring, though, if your shepard felt vindictive even after amassing more than enough EMS.

other musings

  • the memorial scene. should all surviving squadmates past and present be on it for extra poignancy or will it look overcrowded? undecided on this.
  • currently unknown if the EC content kicks in only at the rush to the beam. because it's a little tiresome to start it all the way back to cronos station. will test this on a non-EC save sometime. no need to stab space ninja all over again, it turns out. wonder why they said we have to start all the way from there. pick any save from the beam to before starkid shows up.
  • harbinger shoots up everyone who's making a run for it at the beam. why's the normandy untouched? l33t joker piloting skillz? super secret reaperproof countermeasures (EDI did allude to this)? uh, this calls for a little more suspension of disbelief than usual... but still plausible enough to be attributed to luck they didn't get shot down during those 20 seconds or so.
  • if the original reapers were squid/cuttlefish abominations how the f--- did they evolve the means to manipulate tools and build a civilization in the first place? biotics? coiling their appendages into screwdrivers? like the question of hanar technological advance, it is a mystery.
    • lol, indolent giant squids did the milkyway in.
  • no 'what happened to javik' scene in the slideshows. cronian nebula suicide, or 'journeys with the prothean' with liara? we will never know. trivial, but yeah.
  • somewhat unrelated to EC: i wonder why nobody came up with this yet (wouldn't have picked it up myself if i hadn't started the EC from too far a location) - kai leng's vids, cronos station. one shows him meeting up with TIM in a lab, and the dialogue places it immediately after priority: thessia. when he's supposed to be flying straight from thessia to sanctuary. what's the point of getting to sanctuary, then, if traynor was tracing leng and found him right next to TIM? not hologram TIM, in-the-flesh TIM. more than solved to my satisfaction months ago
  • so in the control/synthesis endings... apparently everyone gets indoctrinated sooner or later. why? just being in close proximity to reapers bends anyone to their will even if the ships are dead, right? and they're very much alive in those two endings. helping to build better futures according to everyone's gestalt or shepbinger's will. FOOD. FOR. THOUGHT. (caveat: there may be an off switch for it somewhere).
  • Presidium Idol judges: turian councilor = simon, asari councilor = paula, salarian councilor = randy. 200% trve authentic headcanon conclusion if the council stayed alive till the end.

all in all, no big issues to report. the EC definitely delivered both on its intent (closure) and the consequences (customer satifaction 90% of the time). and now we have rumors of another DLC involving <s>a certain reaper with leviathan on its name... omega DLC = next big thing to anticipate. as well as the day those disabled weapon mods become enabled for singleplayer use.

carry on, bioware, carry on.


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