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Well. I had the chance today to run across yet another of Lancer's debates - this time on User talk: Cattlesquat. And while I can understand with what Lancer says to a degree, I hardly agree with it. As usual.

This wiki's policy - as Lancer points out - is different to Wikipedia's. Almost every edit here on RC gets patrolled, rather than just major ones. QC is tighter, talk pages are for getting on with discussion, not random discourse or IP address comment.

And that's the reason I write this. There needs to be some closure on this. Some sort of warning to the noobs that they're not diving into what they think they are - for both the editors' sake, and the noobs like us. While Lancer himself has left, plenty others stand by the same rules - and with their own good reasons, I'm sure, wikiculture is not for me to comment on - and more newbies are sure to come.

I was ridiculed out at Memory Alpha for trying to do a similar thing once, so I might have to be more tactful. Anything that gets noob edits off the vets' backs will probably be accepted though.

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