• TarquiniusModestus

    A continuation of some ideas, features, and concepts I would like to see in the next Mass Effect game.

    ~The Protagonist~

    The protagonist should not be Shepard 2.0, as in a legendary, impossibly heroic, somewhat high-ranking commissioned officer who can somehow completely avoid military bureaucracy to achieve his/her goals, save the galaxy multiple times along the way, and 'enkindle' multiple willing members of the opposite (or same) gender along for the ride.

    That being said, I would like to see a system like that of Dragon Age: Origins, in which the protagonist's background has some influence on his/her starting point, selectable class, and story arc. For the sake of simplicity, the starting location for the protagonist, regardless of backg…

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  • TarquiniusModestus

    Presumably, BioWare is working on another Mass Effect game, that will either be a sequel or a prequel. I would prefer the former, and if it were as such, I would be pleased to see the game incorporate aspects of its predecessors. (N.B.: This is a bit long, so I'll break it down into multiple posts).

    In this part: Armaments and Inventory

    Next part: The Protagonist, Prior History, and Non-Combat Interactions

    ~Weapons, Armour, and Inventory~

    The M-7 Lancer from the Citadel DLC, the Particle Beam rifle, and the Collector weapons prove that the 'old tech' weapons can work in a ME3-style combat setting. I would like to see the return of the inventory system from ME1 (on the PC). I know that many people disliked this, but inventory management is a…

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