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User blog:Tanooki1432/The Questions of the Age (Warning! May result in Nerd Rage!)


The Questions of the Age (Warning! May result in Nerd Rage!)

1. Reapers vs. Borg

2. Reapers vs. Imperium of Man

3. Reapers vs. Tyranids

4. Reapers vs. The Empire (Star Wars) (They may or may not have a Death Star... It's up to you)

5. Reapers vs. The Federation

6. A Reaper vs. Star Destroyer

7. A Reaper vs. Super Star Destroyer

8. A Reaper vs. Enterprise D

9. A Reaper vs. Enterprise E

10. A Reaper vs. Borg Cube

??: (A) Reaper(s) vs. Anything you think I might have forgotten

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