Here's a few more Mass Effect things pitted against things from other Sci-Fi series:

  1. Imperium of Man vs. Citadel Races
  2. Tau Empire vs. Systems Alliance
  3. Species 8472 vs. Reapers
  4. Master Chief vs. Commander Shepard
  5. The Empire (from Star Wars) vs. Citadel Races
  6. Rebel Alliance vs. Systems Alliance
  7. The Alliance (from Firefly) vs. Systems Alliance
  8. Terran Dominion vs. Systems Alliance
  9. The Necrons vs. Reapers
  10. The forces of Chaos vs. Reapers
  11. Imperium of Man vs. Reapers
  12. United Federation of Planets vs. Systems Alliance

I'll post my responses and guesses after a few people have gone.

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