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    Alternate Ending

    March 11, 2012 by Tanooki1432

    Following the ME3 ending, I wasn't really happy... The meaningless and depressing ending left me feeling down... So, as a bit of self therapy, I decided to make up my own:

    Go ahead and give it a read. Feel free to pan it, like it, hate it, offer suggestions, what have you. I just did this to help make me feel better.

    Edit: By the way everybody, I apologize for the blinding assault of yellow that is default skin of that website up there... I've been trying to get them to change it to something a little more mild... They refuse and tell me to "Use a different skin." Which I do. But guests can't. So again, my apologies.

    Edit 3/13: I've updated the endings a little bit. I a…

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    One Location

    February 16, 2012 by Tanooki1432

    If you could visit one location in the ME universe, where would you go?

    For me, it's easy: Ilos. I played through ME three times, and Ilos never once lost it's appeal. The awe and wonder I felt never faded, and today, hearing the "Vigil" track, visiting the Ilos page, reviewing the walkthrough pages which involve Ilos or visiting the Vigil page, all invoke massive feelings of nostalgia. For all the improvements of ME2 over ME, no place has captured similar feelings for me.

    I think it'd like visiting Troy, but Troy is far more intact than it actually is, or visiting the Pyramids of Giza, but taken up to eleven because it's something far more ancient and intact. After all, the Prothean civilization thrived when proto-humans were scratching a l…

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  • Tanooki1432

    I am going to compile a list of everything that will probably cause Mass Effect 3 to be RUINED FOREVAAAAAH!!!

    • Multiplayer.
    • Co-op multiplayer.
    • Story/Action/Roleplaying modes.
    • Galaxy at War.
    • New Default FemShep.
    • Weapon customizations.
    • Changing of Planetary exploration.
    • Addition of Bi Characters.
    • Changing of the Normandy.
    • Not giving us a new Normandy.
    • Visiting the other homeworlds.
    • Seeing what a quarian looks like.
    • NOT seeing what a quarian looks like.
    • Seeing what a Prothean looks like.
    • NOT seeing what a Prothean looks like.
    • Weapon mods returning.

    That's all that I can think of right now. Please feel free to add more that you can think of.

    Final note: With this list, I have done your job for you. You can SHUT UP and ENJOY the game as it is to be enjoyed as: A …

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  • Tanooki1432

    What if...

    February 24, 2011 by Tanooki1432

    What if history happened a little bit differently? What if, the Prothean station on Mars was annihilated in some way (Mars is subject to frequent meteor strikes, being so close to the Asteroid Belt) and as a result, humanity didn't learn the secrets Mass Effect stuff when we did.

    What do YOU think would have happened?

    I'll get the ball rolling.

    Me? I think Humanity would have eventually discovered some other form of FTL travel. Like what's used in Star Trek with a controlled matter/anti-matter reaction or some other form of FTL travel in another sci-fi flick. Humanity would have begun exploring the galaxy, but at a much, much, much slower pace. Weapons and defensive technologies would have taken a much different path (again, humanity does NOT…

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  • Tanooki1432


    October 15, 2010 by Tanooki1432

    I'm curious as to see what sort of Shippings the ME fanbase would find plausible and/or amusing. Crack pairings are allowed.

    For those of you who don't know about shipping:


    Crack Pairing

    A few rules:

    • None really. I'll even allow the use of Commander Shepard, but just specify male or female. It might make a difference.
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