Well folks, Arrival is here. I see that Bioware have bestowed upon us: a medigel upgrade, a health upgrade and a heavy weapon upgrade. Yes, very useful for those who have finished the game! Seriously, am I the only one who holds a firm stance that upgrades do not make a game? I'm sure Arrival wouldn't have been any less enjoyable had they not put upgrades in it. The fact that such upgrades are available, to me, is a way of tempting us to play the DLC before the suicide mission. But if this is meant to tell the story between the second and third games then.....?!?!?!?!?! Alternatively, perhaps importing your character to ME3 will allow you to carry over your upgrades, similar to importing a ME save to ME2. This seems to make more sense to me. But the fact that you're allowed to play it just after finishing Horizon seems to suggest the other theory. All I can say about this is: why?! Why give us a pack meant to expand on the story between the games and allow us to play it before finishing the game? And on top of that, why continue giving us upgrades for things which, really, shouldn't be played before the suicide mission?

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