After the great popularity of my "Most Hated Enemy" blog, I have decided to create a "sister blog" to it.

Any comments on the enemy (or enemies) which you enjoyed fighting the most of all. In both games, I loved fighting any geth unit. I've always felt less "guilty" about killing them, since they can't actually die. Plus they all look and sound really cool and have a great story behind them. Also, in the first game they didn't drive you CRAZY with "Enemies everywhere!", "Go! Go! Go! Go!", "Hold the line!" and "I will destroy you!"

I'm pretty disappointed about how they were so much less a part of ME2 and how they were changed (i.e. Troopers look like Shock Troopers, Destroyers look like Juggernauts. Also I don't like how only Troopers use geth weaponry). It's also a shame that they probably won't be enemies in ME3 if you re-wrote the Heretics.

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