Hi chapps, now all of us who have played Mass Effect 1 and 2 have probably heard what the Reapers do to all advance races... BUT WHY! Now before you respond think about it. Done? No? Okay i'll wait..... Good you're back. The Reapers have exterminated races who reach a certain point in their time. This have been going on for who knows how long. But why? They know that they can be defeated, yet they still do it, and last I heard machines are programed what to do... well unless the go all Terminator on the creator or creators. It took nearly all of the Alliance and more to take out Nazara, and the reapers know it, yet they're still coming. What could be the possible reason for them to do this, this... this massacre? If you can't think of anything, i'll help you out with that. Imagine that you are a Reaper, why would you destroy life in the galaxy? PO

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