Hi chapps

While playing Mass Effect 2 for the sixth time I notice something odd. For some reason, Reapers have a strange intrest in humanity, which is like I said odd. Reapers exterminate life when a race reaches a point in their time when they become the most advanced, but for some reason it seems the Reapers are trying to destroy or capture all human life. That made me think, in a Mass Effect novel or comic, or maybe the game, can't remember, a Reaper had stated that the Turians, a race that has been more advance than humans before the first Contact war, is in fact still primative. WHAT!? I'd like to know why the Reapers believe that, but saddly I have to wait until March, 8 2012 to find out. So I wanted to know what think Reapers believe humans are somehow more advance than Turains, and NO, Commander Shep. does not count as a reason. :p PO

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