Ahh, Mass Effect. It was (and still is) a great and wonderful game that differs from most games today in a variety of ways. In most games, you play as an assigned character, with a specific personality and most of the game is straight foward. No differences, no choices you can make, no secret options or other paths you can take, jut one. But Mass Effect changes that. In Mass Effect, you can create your own character, as well as craft them into what you want them to be. I swear, I wouldn't be here typing this blog if I haven't heard of this game. I just randomly picked this game from the video store by accident, and I was hooked by the story, the characters, the gameplay and a million other things that I count name. Also, as a side note this game has me interested in astronomy and such but thats not the main point here.

In ME 2, the game takes a more dark and sinister turn, and the main topics of 'loyalty' and 'suicide mission' come up quite often. This was a definitely different (not in a bad way) game from the first and now, in your own opinion, what would you like to see in Mass Effect 3? More action? More FPS style gameplay? More of an rpg? An elcor in a bikini?

I'll go first, what I would like to see in ME3 would be:

1. Better planet exploration. In ME1, part of how this game won me over was exploring the planets and galaxies that existed through out the universe. I spent nearly 50+ hours exploring planets than I did doing the main missions. In ME2 however, I felt that you didn't really have that full range of exploration like you did in ME1, but I think it was because of the Mako (lol).

2. Speaking of the Mako, BRING IT BACK!!! Sure the control was pretty bad but we live in an age where anything can be improved by a few tweaks.

3. Kind of embarressed(?) to say this but I would like to see, ahem, better romance scenes. I'll be blunt, in ME1, it wasn't graphic, but it did give gamers the idea of 'yeah, they're gettin it on'. In ME2, they swoon over each other when they still have their clothes on so.... yeah.

4. Not really a complaint but I would love to see more of the paragon/renegade interuptions in ME3, those specific momenst truly made you feel like an angel or a badass.

That's all I can think of but if you have something you'd like to see in ME3, share it! Thank you for reading my 1st blog by the way! :)

(?) = Unsure spelling mistakes

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