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    The Halo Array[1] from Halo seem similar to The Crucible in that reaches across the galaxy and they are meant to get rid of a threat to all beings in the Galaxy

    Any other thoughts on this? It really is an interesting train of thought. --Stabber ApSig 11:52, May 2, 2012 (UTC)--Stabber ApSig 04:15, April 21, 2012 (UTC)

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    A fellow Mass Effect Wiki contributor, Damous posted this on the "Mass Effect 3 (True) Ending DLC Revealed???" Blog a good walkthrough of the indoctrination theory

    I think I should spread the word even more.

    Makes me feel a lot better about the endings.

    Personally I think we all didn't catch on to a likable or any other likable explanation for the ending because well, Most of us (including Me) don't readily or easily think about the abstract and obscure of especially in the heat of the moment. So yeah, its a thinking mans ending and the ones playing are a just shoot it type of man.

    Any thoughts

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    So the ending of Mass effect 3 has the relays being destroyed; to send the energy/signal whatever throughout the galaxy by recieving the thing, charging up, and sending the thing to another relay or 2, then blowing up (assumably not in a "actual" super nova) to boadcast that in the galactic area that relay is at.

    Any thoughts on that everyone?

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