I think that Extended Cut was pretty good at providing closure for the Trilogy. The fact that you can reject the Catalyst with knowing you did your best was pretty good. A lot of fans are still complaining but Bioware did what you all asked. All the endings bring closure to me. The only thing I would add is closure with your LI in the Trilogy and they have CDR *player name* Shepard on the memorial wall would have been cool :p I like how Bioware address the issue of how your squad mates got Evac and the damange to them was cool. Bioware did a great job filling in the little details and explaining the Catalyst and decisions EX: "How can I control them when if Im dead?". IMO they should had this Ending from the get go. Personally I chose the Destroy ending because I believe that the geth can be rebuild, EDI could be just like how Shepard was recovered with the same "mind" and that Adm Hacket said Dead Reapers would win the war. I understand some fans might feel sorry for joker but what about my LI, the Shepards that romanced Thane? This whole war has brought sacrificed. Also I like the fact that the Destroy ending leaves you with a cliff hanger with your Shepard taking that half breath. With everyone rebuilding there is no doubt they will recover or rescue him so IMO I kno Im still alive. I kno the cycle could possibly continue but I refuse to control the Reapers and Synthesis Im forcing everyone to be an AI/human. Plus the cutscenes look creepy :P To wrap it all up Bioware delivered. I wish that I could of fought Harbinger but oh well there is a lot that could of been better but Im satisfied. All of you hardcore fans did good to get us this Extended Cut but you cant complain. This is the end of Shepards story but it was a good ride.....

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