• Spudmeister

    Hey guys, just found this a couple of hours ago on the BSN. I wondered if someone had forgotten to scrub any of the files in the EC and I guess I was right.


    So I've been looking through the files of EC and found something very interesting. If you convert the DLC_Shared_INT.tlk file using ME2 TLK Tool ( to XML you can read stuff suggesting that there will be a DLC about Leviathan of Dis.

    You can read it here: [1]

    The stuff about DLC starts somewhere in the middle

    All credit goes to ULT1M4T3xPL who found it on the BSN.

    Anywho, it seems to be about Leviathan. That means that it could be, but doesn't have to be, the Leviathan of Dis.

    Source: [2]

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