Hey guys! I know it's been an extremely long time since I've made a blog, but with school starting (college wooo!), I've been pretty busy and haven't had time to even hang out here as much as I want to. However, before I started school, I DID have a plan for my next blog.

So one night on Facebook, my friends and I were group chatting about various things, and Mass Effect came up. I stated that Mass Effect 3 was my favorite one despite the ending, and one of my other friends agreed. However, we have our other friend who disagreed and said ME2 was the best. Now, keep in mind. I WON'T KNOCK YOU FOR WHICH GAME IS YOUR PERSONAL FAVORITE. So. I started to back up my position, and I got around to saying that (for me) Mass Effect 3 was much stronger because it had a much grander story arch than ME2, and that overall the story was better. My friend highly disagreed, and started to explain why ME2's story was better.

Basically, he said that ME2 set the stage for ME3 with its characters, and that they had a huge impact on the storyline of ME3. I was floored by this assertion mainly because I distinctly remember not getting much out of the characters in ME3 that survived. So the debate comes into place where I question every character's role in ME3. (to be fair, I gave him 4 gimmes; characters that were essential in the plot line moving forward).

Now keep in mind: I really liked ME2's character set and doing all their loyalty missions. I WAS JUST PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE BY QUESTIONING EACH CHARACTER'S SIGNIFICANCE. Nothing more.

So. I've linked the debate here

Now, keep in mind:

  • This was a Facebook conversation, so grammar was paid little attention to, and I also moved stuff around to make it less confusing (we often interrupted each other). Also, it says 10 pages (roughly), but it's actually short because of the way we typed.
  • I did my best to clean up any foul language, so please forgive me if I missed something.
  • I was debating characters' significance's from Mass Effect 2 to Mass Effect 3.
  • I abbreviated our names for privacy reasons.
  • If you are going to continue the debate here, PLEASE keep it clean and civil.

So with that, leave any comments below about any points that my friends made (it was mostly between me and RS.). Maybe you guys can settle this debate. Last I checked, RS only has a 60%. If you can make the case for that last character, it will give him a 70%, thus making his argument valid.

See you guys around! (hopefully)

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