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This is the most impromptu blog I have ever created (Also, I'm glad to be posting something up here since summer really. School's been crazy).

I'm sitting in my stats lab today and go to a computer. As per usual, I open up explorer with a Mass Effect Wiki page to browse while my teacher speaks. I type "Mass Effect" in the search box and up pops this article.

Now, this could be pretty awesome, but I have to admit I was pretty darn mad when I saw Xbox 720 in the article.


So. Thoughts? I'm eager to see what they have planned even if I have to buy a new console. Hopefully my laptop's hardware is still relevant to run it JUST IN CASE I can't get a 720. (Yes, I have the trilogy on my laptop as well. My parents didn't want me bringing my Xbox to college so I could focus on work. Loopholes: loopholes everywhere).

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