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Earth DLC Characters

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Earth Pack DLC

Is it just me or do they look really awesome?

So I downloaded the DLC today. Had to play a few games to get some more credits. Sucks that I needed at least a Cerberus pack to get an N7. Great that I got a character on my first pack :D

The character I got was an N7 Fury. She plays most like a Sentinel, however doesn't have the drawbacks of power recharge time penalty with her Annihilation Field on. It took a few waves to get used to her, but after a while she wasn't too bad of a character. By my third game she felt natural. Dark Channel-Throw constantly isn't as fast as Singularity-Warp, but I like how I don't have to recast a Singularity after each detonation because Dark Channel instantly moves on to the next enemy.

I bought another pack, and I got the N7 Paladin, however I wasn't able to get any games in before I had to leave. I put points on him, and I'll probably try him out later.


What were your experiences today with the new characters?

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