• Spartan0700

    Most, if not all of us know about what the original ending to Mass Effect 3 would have been thanks to a leak released sometime in 2011: an unstable fluctuation of Dark Energy was basically a century away from destroying the universe, and the Reapers were revealed to be THE ULTIMATE renegade faction that somehow had the power to combat this crisis by making new reapers out of sentient species.

    Up until now, they have only been able to delay the implosion of the universe. No reaper at present is mighty enough to stop the build-up. Their plans were to assimilate the genetically-diverse (special) human race into a human-reaper (as they attempted to do in the Collector Base), which would then have the ability to use a completely different form o…

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  • Spartan0700

    So when Mass Effect 3 was first announced, the guys at Bioware made it a point to mention that, if your Shepard died in the Suicide Mission in Mass Effect 2, you wouldn't be able to import your save. "This is a continuation of Shepard's story" and yadayadayada, bottom-line is that it makes sense why you wouldn't be able to import that save because it would be a major league plothole.

    But, thinking about everything that happened in Mass Effect 3, you tend to get the impression that, if that really happened in Mass Effect 2, if Shepard really did die, the galaxy is screwed and doomed.

    Or would it?

    My title is a reference to the recent DeadRising 2: Off The Record, the reimagining of DeadRising 2 with the original zombie-slayer Frank West set as…

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  • Spartan0700

    Hello, ME Wiki-goers!

    I have been a long-time watcher of discussions and user of this Wiki's databases, all I can say is how lost I'd be without it, so I'd like to take a moment and thank its administrators and editors for the detailed plethora of information on this site.

    I'm sure there are a lot of people who are tired of the complaints about Mass Effect 3's ending, on both sides of the argument. I am one of those people who was unsatisfied by the game's end, but NOT IN A CONVENTIONAL SENSE.

    Life is full of unsatisfying ends, and Mass Effect 3 was able to pull off a solution to the Reaper problem that left the races of the galaxy both technologically crippled, but alive. When I first beat the story and the credits rolled, I was one of the m…

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