So here's the thing, people: This blog is mostly for my own personal user. I have a pretty poor memory, and as many of you know, I also maintain a "Featured Bio" on my userpage that is updated more or less regularly. So, in order to keep me from repeating myself, and to provide a sort of archive, I'm going to keep track of them here. Still, since this is a blog, and I don't intend to disable commenting, I figure I'll try something here. I am occasionally at a loss for ideas. So, if anyone wants to post suggestions, feel free. Now, an important thing to point out here - if you suggest a name, this isn't like a radio station where I'll put it in the rotation and get to it eventually. I have to agree with it before putting it on my user page. So, feel free to suggest, just be aware that this does not automatically ensure I'll select them. So without further ado, let my poor-memory necessitated archiving begin! :P

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