This blog contains spoilers for the movie Paragon Lost

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost seems to be the movie that should sweep away one's prejudices against a certain character or a group of characters in an imaginary but a much loved universe. Vega's portrayal as a leader and a soldier was exceptional, one could say that it comes very close to our own Shepards. It's been quite sometime since we had another person besides Shepard who saves the day or atleast comes very close to doing so. Vega is someone now who must be given the benefit of the doubt just to be fair(Not that such a situation has ever been warranted for before, but it's the general consensus).

The movie was quite well coordinated with the right twists happening at the right time. Exciting firefights, tense and hopeless situations, salvation at the crucial moments, sacrifices, emotional moments, heroism, lighter moments, innovation and ingenuity, everything a good movie should have. Paragon Lost gives them all and more.

Despite all this, its not without its shortcomings. There were several lore discrepancies: Sovereign shown intact, Citadel in high orbit around a planet(presumably Earth), Vega wearing N7 armor at the ending scene) and maybe some more.

But all in all, Paragon Lost is an awesome movie and a testament to the success of the Mass Effect franchise and that of Bioware.

Anyway, ignore everything I said above.

How do you feel about the movie?

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