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  • SolitaryReaper

    Mass Effect: Paragon Lost seems to be the movie that should sweep away one's prejudices against a certain character or a group of characters in an imaginary but a much loved universe. Vega's portrayal as a leader and a soldier was exceptional, one could say that it comes very close to our own Shepards. It's been quite sometime since we had another person besides Shepard who saves the day or atleast comes very close to doing so. Vega is someone now who must be given the benefit of the doubt just to be fair(Not that such a situation has ever been warranted for before, but it's the general consensus).

    The movie was quite well coordinated with the right twists happening at the right time. Exciting firefights, tense and hopeless situations, salv…

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  • SolitaryReaper

    A Deserted Chat!

    November 1, 2012 by SolitaryReaper

    Not long ago, the chat system was implemented in this wiki, mainly drawing upon ideas from other wikis. The people who came up with the proposal are to be lauded, so should the people who voted for it. Within the next few days of the chat's implementation, the chat was functioning well, with lots of users joining in. It was starting to be something to look forward to everyday. Blog posts were down and it seemed as if the chat was successful.

    But woe and behold! The chat is deserted, absolutely nobody logs in at all, no more of those informative and humorous conversations are to be had. Where did the people go? Did they lose all interest? Is the chat headed for scrapping? Is it all over?

    I am sorry I had to post a blog about the current state…

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  • SolitaryReaper

    Hey guys, I have been thinking about this for some time. Imagine the Reaper war was lost but your Shep and some squadmates fled into hiding. You decide that the only hope for the future was to outlive the current cycle by going into cryogenic stasis like Javik. Despite your fierce protests, your squadmates placed you into cryogenic stasis and die fighting the reapers. The last vision you saw before falling into the long sleep was watching your LI die horribly. After 50000 yrs, you are reawakened by a species of the next cycle. What would yo do? What would be your thoughts? Would you seek vengeance against the Reapers like Javik or succumb to hopelessness? Would your will be so broken that you would consider being the Reapers' agent and con…

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