As reported by IGN today, the Mass Effect 3 demo will be released on February 14th and will feature Kinect integration.
For those wary of the Kinect gameplay, there is nothing to fear. There are not going to be gimmicky motion controls, only voice commands.

This means that when you want to switch weapons, or use a biotic power, simply tell the game to do that. A command of "Adrenaline Rush" for example, will make Shepard use the power.

The demo coming on the 14th will not include any of the co-op campaign that will be new to the series unless you have activated your Battlefield 3 online pass or though other opportunities that will be announced in the near future The demo for co-op will become available for everyone on February 17th.

Are you excited to be able to jump into Mass Effect 3 in less than a month? Are the days leading up to March 6th crawling by? Let us know in the comments!

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