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  • Sniperleader129

    Citadel Design

    January 3, 2013 by Sniperleader129

    Does anyone know if bioware designed the citadel after the O'Neill space colony model?

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  • Sniperleader129

    One or the Other

    January 2, 2012 by Sniperleader129

    Upon both Mass Effect's numerous times alot of questions started coming to me. For example. Who's nicer Kaidan vs. Anderson. Or the opposite who's meaner Ashley vs. Jack. Here are some more.

    more stealth Kasumi v. Thane

    more experience Samara v. Wrex

    most hated Udina v. Turian coucil member

    most changed Garrus v. Liara (between 1st and 2nd games)

    smartest Mordin v. Legion

    better DLC shadow broker v arrival

    This list could go on forever but theirs just a few I had in mind. So if you have any other feel free to post them. These are just opinions not a debate so try to argue over it.

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