So, after logging over 250 hours in Mass Effect, I decided to start on Mass Effect 2. I've gone ahead and downloaded a lot of the DLC (pretty much everything except a couple of the appearance and weapons packs), so I should get the "full experience" (since they appear to be done with DLC for ME2 with ME3 on its way). I play solely on PC, so if there are any differences between my experiences and the console version, feel free to comment.

So far, in the first hour or so of play, I've enjoyed the story, but been irked by a few things. It was rather amusing to start the game, only to die. My computer hung at the Mass Effect 2 screen for so long afterwards, I honestly thought maybe I'd done something wrong and Shepard wasn't supposed to die! At least it started up again before I reloaded.

Once I'd finally gotten into the game play, a few things struck me right off. First was the change in controls and combat style. I'm absolutely baffled by their decision to reverse the command hud and "sprint" buttons (and the decision to combine sprint with "use" and "cover"). The first thing I did was reset those controls. Oddly, despite nearly every other game these days recognizing when you change a default key structure, the tutorials in this game were still referring to the default keys instead of my settings. Seems like a small detail, but I'm a detailed oriented gamer.

The next thing that bothered me is that everyone appears to be cross-eyed, and the lip-syncing doesn't seem to be as good as it was in the first game. Did anyone else notice this?

Finally, is it just me, or does everything have an overall "plastic-y" look that wasn't present in the original? Miranda's catsuit and the "leather" vest look for Shepard both stuck out as very unreal due to the glossiness.

Anyway - onward to the game! --Snicker 18:35, June 4, 2011 (UTC)

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