• Snfonseka

    Following are the possible moddings I came across during my search for ways to mod ME3. So kudos go to the people who discovered the following modding possibilities. The main purpose of this is to create a single place that anyone can refer easily rather than going through different forums and blogs etc.

    Note: I am not responsible for any damage done by the following mods, so use them at your own risk. Also please note, there is a possibility that some of the following mods won't work as expected.

    1. Gibbed save editor for ME3 (for save game editing)

    2. Widescreen Fixer (for changing the Field of View)

    1. Open save game editor and then go to the "Plot" tab.

    2. Input one of the following IDs into the "Bool" textbox. Then press "Get" button. Tick t…

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