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  • Slowrider7

    After being late to the discussion on the talk page, I thought I'd post a blog on the topic. Why does it have casing-like projectiles coming out? My theory is that it's a new technology, and that each of those casings are micro thermal clips. It would explain the rate of fire and the magazine size.

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  • Slowrider7

    The Nemesis.

    July 6, 2012 by Slowrider7

    The Nemesis from Mass Effect three has seriously the worst scripted AI I have ever seen in a video game. I've seen AI who stand still and shoot their own team mates, but Nemesis takes the cake. Why would any human being, if getting shot at from feet away, run out of cover and move towards a different target?

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  • Slowrider7

    Because biologically... isn't Saren a regular turian?

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  • Slowrider7

    Turn ON/OFF Bioware

    April 25, 2012 by Slowrider7

    (This is a copypasta.)

    Retake campaign: Turn it on/Turn it off for Bioware

    Facts: - Whether you are hopeful or cynical about the new Ending DLC, one thing is clear: it's Bioware's last, best chance to win back the fanbase.

    ... - It is in everyone's interest that the DLC be a fitting conclusion to this amazing series.

    - Bioware is currently in the process of finalizing plans for the DLC, including allocating resources for its creation.

    - Because many people have not been playing the SP campaign, EA may have the mistaken impression that SP is a "lost cause" and so may not fund the Ending DLC properly -- especially since they are committed to giving it to us for free.

    - EA/Bioware can monitor the number of people playing Mass Effect 3 through Origi…

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  • Slowrider7

    So let's go a lighter direction for this blog; away from all the indoctrination and conclusion quarrels, and go into a "what if" zone.

    I'm sure every single one of us have thought "Wow, a Mass Effect-like world would be amazing to live in..." Maybe it's to be a space pirate, be a Spectre, or maybe even love on some blue women. (I sure would do the latter.) But what I would like to know is what would you guys do in the Mass Effect world? During, before, or after the Reapers came around.

    I wouldn't be anywhere near Shepard, but I would like to be either a lifetime Alliance soldier (plus some swanky biotic implants!) or a turian warfighter. Obviously bondmates with a gorgeous Asari. (Does Liara have a twin?)

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