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Wikia layout changes

I made a few changes to Wikia's "new-and-improved" layout which removes some of the annoying features that were added: like the sidebar, the fixed width, and the footer with the advertisements (example screenshot).

I have tested the changes only in Firefox and by using the Stylish extension. I have no idea how to make Wikia load the style declaration from the userspace - if any of you have any idea how to do so, please let me know.

I'd appreciate feedback and any suggestions for improvements.

#WikiaPage {width:95% !important;}
#WikiaHeader {width:95% !important;}
.WikiaPageHeader details {width: 100% !important;}
.commentslikes {margin-right: 0 !important;}
#WikiaRail {display:none;}
#WikiaMainContent {width:100% !important;padding:0em !important;}
#WikiaFooter {display:none !important;}


Tweaked the presentation to show the footer toolbar and fixed the width of blog replies:

#WikiaPage, #WikiaHeader {width:95% !important;}
.WikiaPageHeader details, #WikiaMainContent {width: 100% !important;}
.commentslikes, #WikiaFooter .toolbar {margin: 0 !important;}
#WikiaRail, #WikiaFooter header, #WikiaFooter section ul {display:none!important;}

/* Footer */
#WikiaFooter .toolbar {visibility:hidden;}
#WikiaFooter .toolbar ul {visibility:visible;}
#WikiaFooter .toolbar ul ul {visibility:inherit;}

/* Blog */
.WikiaArticleComments textarea {float:left;}
.WikiaArticleComments .wikia-button {clear:both;float:left!important;margin-left:75px!important;}
.comments blockquote .article-comm-text {width:auto!important;}

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