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Recent Changes script

I wrote a small script for the recent changes page (which I decided to share with the rest of the Mass Effect community) that duplicates the "Show changes since" link to also be shown at the top on the page.


This script can be added to the "Common.js" page inside the user namespace (location => User:[Username]/Common.js - replace [Username] to match your own).

now = new Date();

recent = "".concat(
  ((now.getMonth()+1) < 10) ? "0" + (now.getMonth()+1) : (now.getMonth()+1),
  (now.getDate() < 10) ? "0" + now.getDate() : now.getDate(),
  (now.getUTCHours() < 10) ? "0" + now.getUTCHours() : now.getUTCHours(),
  (now.getMinutes() < 10) ? "0" + now.getMinutes() : now.getMinutes(),
  (now.getSeconds() < 10) ? "0" + now.getSeconds() : now.getSeconds()

recentChanges = document.createElement("a");
recentChanges.setAttribute("href", "/index.php?title=Special:RecentChanges&from=" + recent + "&hidelogs=0");
recentChanges.setAttribute("style", "position:absolute;right:1em;top:2.5em");
recentChanges.innerHTML = "Changes since last visit";


Firefox users can add the script to GreaseMonkey (installation required) and include the URLs "" and "*".

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