okay, i'm going to start out by saying that none, literally none of the matches i have been in lately have had any semblance of intelligence behind the players. most players i end up will end up either A: rushing large groups of enemies as some terribly unsuitable class and dying or B: stand around plinking the enemies with a Predator while the rest of us take up the slack. Considering that six months have passed since i last played ME3 online, and the horde of suddenly expensive DLC packs, i still find that using a Turian Soldier with powers built around Marksman can frequently carry the game. Let me explain my strategy. My first action upon entering a game is to find a nice defensible position and take cover while i wait for the enemies to spawn. once they begin spawning, i use my Phaeston with Marksman to hurl large amounts of lead downrange towards whatever poor sod is in my crosswires, cutting him down in a second. then i shift my aim, slicing an entire enemy line down in less then a magazine's worth of ammunition. on lower difficulties, this frequently will either end the round or significantly reduce the enemies numbers. Upon successful execution of this strategy, the younger players will whine to me that i have stolen all the kills. Naturally, i laugh at this flawed argument because they didn't lay a claim on the kills or make any discernible attempt to assist in the carnage. Anyway, My point is that there's none of the on the fly strategy that i saw during my original term of play months ago. I no longer see coordinated teams lure enemies into kill zones and set up lines of sight for coordinated sniper attacks on powerful enemies. In short, there's no longer intelligence or the random brilliance of a perfectly meshed team.

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