Okay, over the half decade Mass Effect has been out, the gameplay mechanics have been altered significantly from game to game, leading to an interesting mixture of action and RPG gameplay. From my perspective, i can see that there are areas of each game that would be better suited to the other titles and i've compiled the things i've personally noticed into my ideal Mass Effect game. Firstly, i would take the leveling and experience setup from the initial game and bring it forward into games 2 and 3. To me, this would alleviate the "not RPG" feel of the 2nd and 3rd games. Second, i would have kept the overheat mechanic of the first as well, because going from infinite ammo with a short cooldown to the thermal clip system seems like a step backwards in weapons technology. Third, i would keep the heavy weapon from the second and bring it forward into the third. The main usefulness of the heavy weapons, in my opinion, was that i could wipe out entire rooms full of enemies with one or two grenades from the M-100. Fourth, i would take the cover and dodge roll mechanics of the third title and spread it throughout the three games, bringing all three to the level of tight controls that most modern shooters have. Finally, i would also take the individual armor bonuses and add a "set bonus" that adds a boost when A: the parts are all of the same type or B: if the parts used complement each other.

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