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  • Shifter77

    This guy explains why the Mass Effect 3 ending is bad in a literary sense. He does a very good job I suggest anyone defending the endings in their current form to read this article as well in order to see a well constructed argument as to why its a bad ending. Read more >
  • Shifter77

    Shepard's mom WHAT!?

    April 7, 2012 by Shifter77

    I sure a few of you caught this I believe you need to the "spacer" background for it to come up. While talking to Hackett on the vidcom at some point he will give you a "by the way" message about your mother saying she has been called back to active service and is assisting with the crucible project. I found this tidbit very suprising due to the fact you never here about his/her parents except for the background choice. I assumed they were both dead no matter the background chosen due to the zero communication from the first game to this point. Even after you come back from the dead. Not even a text to say "Hey mom I'm alive again. Sorry for not calling for 2 yrs". She doesn't even call you and Hackett almost forgets to tell you like you e…

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  • Shifter77

    Oh those goofy Geth

    April 4, 2012 by Shifter77

    I would like to point something out that hasn't made much sense to outside of the idea that the Geth really want you to kill the crap out of them. Why do geth ships,stations,and bases have hallways and consoles ? The geth are software that exist as a collective only occupying hardware to complete an assigned task then returning to the collective after completing/or failing miserably at that task ie; kill Shepard. If you don't have hallways and console organics can't mess with or shoot holes in your stuff. essentially they should have a core processor thing that houses everything with hardware(fighters,dropships,bodies) housed in bays waiting to be deployed with some maintaince tubes(not John Mclane sized) for repair drones to move around. …

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