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  • Shadowlifter

    How do you guys think the reaction will be of the Mass Effect 1 alliance squadmate reacts to the following things that happened in the second game: (I will be mad if they already knew of this by the time they met you again) -weapons you obtained; -N7 missions you completed; -comment about the Hammerhead or Kodiak shuttle; -seeing the Normandy reborn; -the possibility that Shepard is considered at least to some krogan a Battlemaster; -the fate of the Collector base; -knowlege of the Shadow Broker; -mass effect 2 allies; -opinion of the existance of Legion; -the little incident on the Batarian colony(Arrival); -the fact that the comander had time to buy ship replicas but not time to talk to them; -knowlegue of leaving David hooked up in the …

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