• Sevofthesands

    mass effect 3 DLC ideas

    December 26, 2011 by Sevofthesands

    my ideas for some DLC in the upcomeing mass effect

    1. 1. Anderson & Serens mission

    this was refrerenced in the first mass effect where Seren made things go bad so anderson would look bad i think it would be insight full history

    1. 2. Garrus teams last mission

    this was told by garrus after recruiting him agian he even says that 2 survived the assault when he got there its beggin for something like the leiaras song DLC fro Dragon age

    1. 3. Wrexs mission agianst the asari commando

    this is something that just sounds really fun like mindless violence type fun

    1. 4. the Acuse massacre mission

    the reliveing of Shepperd's survival of Acuse more of a survival horror type thing considering it just thresher maws

    1. 5. The Skillian blitz

    reliveing of the war hero side do one …

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