i'm posting because i don't know whether this is happening to anyone else, but, i just finished me3 for the second time today (real good job bioware with extended cut again, the gameplay part of the final mission is still disappointing, but at least i can now bear to finish it) and i noticed that after all the end credits and all that, the game gave me an option to save the game again, i did and then loaded that save and it placed me back to right before i attacked the cerberus base. the odd thing was that i noticed how my falcon went back to level VII, even though i picked it up in the base (which brough it up to X). now, this is a little bit of a stretch but hear me out, if the game (or at least mine) placed me back to before assaulting the base, even though i had just finished the game, then that means the game didn't record anything that happened after then, which means that the choice i made on the citadel wasn't recorded either, which means that mass effect 4 will either take place in such a far ahead future that those choices won't matter OR bioware has already decided which of the endings it considers canon. i looked through the save with the gibbed editor and didnt really see anything recognizing my choice, now i know it could be inside some unrecognizable value and ID but that's why i'm bringing up the issue.

so, waddaya guys think?

Señor action (talk)

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