It's obviously too early to talk about this now as the series just ended (since i refuse to call what we got at first an "ending") but were would you guys like to see the series go from here?

i mean, the 4 possible conclusions in ME3 are pretty varied (almost feels weird saying that lol) and for bioware to think of making a mass effect 4 that happens after these events sounds really challenging and like a whole lot of work, and yes people i know they are supposed to love what they do and are professionals and all that but that doesn't mean they like to make 4 different games for their sequels.

the first contact war sounds like an interesting idea, though you're pretty much gonna be playing 2 or 3 characters in one campaing since you'll be playing the mars-bound humans and rapidly advance towards the pluto bound humans and then the mass relay discovery and all that, so i don't know if they'll be able to write a story revolving one character that spans all that time. they'll obviously not do anything before mars since a human needs to be the main character, but to make a story after such game changing conclusions to me3 seems challenging, what do you guys think?

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