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aka Juan

  • I live in planet earth
  • I was born on March 31
  • My occupation is studant
  • I am male
  • Señor action

    i'm posting because i don't know whether this is happening to anyone else, but, i just finished me3 for the second time today (real good job bioware with extended cut again, the gameplay part of the final mission is still disappointing, but at least i can now bear to finish it) and i noticed that after all the end credits and all that, the game gave me an option to save the game again, i did and then loaded that save and it placed me back to right before i attacked the cerberus base. the odd thing was that i noticed how my falcon went back to level VII, even though i picked it up in the base (which brough it up to X). now, this is a little bit of a stretch but hear me out, if the game (or at least mine) placed me back to before assaulting …

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  • Señor action

    It's obviously too early to talk about this now as the series just ended (since i refuse to call what we got at first an "ending") but were would you guys like to see the series go from here?

    i mean, the 4 possible conclusions in ME3 are pretty varied (almost feels weird saying that lol) and for bioware to think of making a mass effect 4 that happens after these events sounds really challenging and like a whole lot of work, and yes people i know they are supposed to love what they do and are professionals and all that but that doesn't mean they like to make 4 different games for their sequels.

    the first contact war sounds like an interesting idea, though you're pretty much gonna be playing 2 or 3 characters in one campaing since you'll be pl…

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  • Señor action

    i don't know maybe i missed it, but, i've read that mass effect 3 will allow you to change both your imported appearance and powers. has bioware made any comment how they'll explain you changing appearance? are they gonna make an elaborate story behind it like for mass 2? or will it simply be "change it now if you want" sorta thing?

    and if it IS the second option, prepare for endless "you look totally different, yet evryone knows it's you" jokes

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