• Scathelock

    I've noticed that Thane has a ton of fans out there, many of whom choose him as a first pick for their female Shepard's romances. What I'm curious about is how they can reconcile [what I perceive to be] irresponsibility and willful negligence on his part. Let's get this party started.

    Thane claims that because he's emotionless during a job and doesn't have a motive for his assassinations, he isn't to blame for the people he kills. I could entirely accept this while he was working for the Hanar, since he was given to them by his parents as a child (and thus had no say in the matter); however, after he started freelancing, he lost this excuse. We can see that Thane is still in charge of his own free will, so it's not as if he was brainwashed.…

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