• Scar626
    Hi guys, i bet im not the only one thats spotted some minor (and others major)glitches in the mass effect series but to be honest, i find a good enough game its worth almost any glitch, unless it makes a game incompletable me and friend of mine are having a compotition to see how many glitches we can find in game --Scar626 19:48, January 19, 2011 (UTC)

    P.S id like to opologise for my punctuation i know some people get really agrovated about it to make a long story short, teachers spilt me into 2 different group 2 years straight and i never learned to punctuate but i try my best.

    P.S.S also i know some people will be like we dont want your life story but it doesnt matter im covering all my bases

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