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  • I live in UK
  • I was born on May 23
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • SanjayBeast

    For those of you who don't know, there is a massive conflict happening this Tuesday (26th), over what I spend my time doing. Do I a) Get Dawnguard and play for 10 hrs straight, hopefully completing it twice, or b) get the Extended Cut and play it for 5hrs, after which I break down in tears and scream at EA and Bioware. These seem to offer two different ways in which DLC can be produced by developers...comparison, methinks? (may get graphic, but hey).

    a) Skyrim DLC : Dawnguard.
    Price: £??? (but shouldn't be too pricey, feel free to kill me in a few days if I'm wrong)

    • Vampires. Hell yeh, flying and bloodsucking FTW
    • Crossbows. We asked, and they gave them to us - I have so much respect for a company that actually tries to satisfy their fans …

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  • SanjayBeast

    Hi all, Just wondering what everyones favourite loadouts were for Multiplayer, to see if I've missed out on something massive - having now maxed all chars. and all weapons, I am beginning to tire of MP (sacrilege!) and was looking for ways to mix things up (that includes beating gold only using the Scorpion). To start off, I'll give you my current favourites.

    Bronze, Silver: Turian Soldier, with maxed Marksman and Concussive shot - uses Phaeston w/piercing and ammo, and the Talon w/barrel and ammo.

    Gold: Geth infiltrator with maxed Hunter Mode and Tac. Cloak - uses either the geth plasma smg, the Krysae or the Claymore (used to use the valiant, but got bored of it)

    Ideas? Your preferred play style? Leave it below. SanjayBeast (talk) 22:06, Ju…

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  • SanjayBeast

    Blog Requests

    June 4, 2012 by SanjayBeast

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to say that, having entered into (sorta) a partnership with The Milkman (a true blogging legend who doesn't skimp on content), I will be handling reviews of classes and loadouts for MP/missions/game features whilst he will be doing the more analysis/comment side of blogging, with in depth articles on what he views as the failings (*cough the ending cough*) or successes of the ME series, amongst many other things (not his own words, but I'm sure he'll love this). So this blog is place for all you, the community, to place requests/suggestions for us about things you feel passionately about, and want us to review. Neither of us are admins or even senior editors, but we will try to do everything in our power to make fun bl…

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  • SanjayBeast

    Having thoroughly finished ME3 now, having done it 3 times (only once on Insanity, cos that's too hardcore for me), I was taken aback by the idea that the series is over - or is it? There has been no official confirmation of what Bioware will do next, be it a SWTOR style MMORPG (which is think would be awesome), or another RPG set either well before ME1 or in the aftermath of ME3. Personally, I don't really mind as long as they perform as well as they have done over this trilogy - for all that we bitch and whine about the ending, we all enjoyed playing ME3 and, I daresay, will continues to play it for a very long time, in a similar fashion to how I played ME1 last week, all over again, for nostalgias sake (and to try and resolve some wiki …

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  • SanjayBeast

    Hi all, Having read Mr Priestlys post about what the patch brought, I cannot make head nor tail of some of it. Does it mean that we now cannot headshot primes, atlases or any armoured reapers? nd have they fixed the credit glitch? Any clarification would be appreciated, especially regarding these points. Heres the link to his article : cheers SanjayBeast 16:10, May 30, 2012 (UTC)

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