When I played the mission to set off the bomb at the Asari Monestary, I was excited to have Samara join the Normandy. I thought she would to seeing how she said "I'll see you on the ship commander." I hate how it clearly meant she would join the crew but I guess Bioware got lazy and decided to alter the storyline through one tiny email saying that she had to fight somewhere else. Okay, I get Bioware wants to have a small amount of squadmates, but what happened to having a new one just for one mission? All Samara the all powerful Justicar did was create a tiny barrier that was nothing compared to the one in the suicide mission of Mass effect 2 and didn't help Shepard at ALL. The only thing that came close to squadmates helping was Jack yelling at kids to through warp everywhere. I haven't beaten the game yet, I've seen the ending but so far I'm very disapointed. Come on, Bioware couldn't have give Samara and co an AI that just fought by themselves.

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