Bunch of Commands:

Exit - Exits the game

at entrymenu - loads Main Menu ("press any key to continue" screen)

restartlevel - restarts mission

SaveGame DEBUGNAME - makes new save (in current career) with your description(DEBUGNAME) (CASE SENSITIVE!).

LoadGame DebugName - loads saves which was made by console command in current carrier.

QuickSave - Make quicksave

QuickLoad - Do quickload

God - Toggle on/Off god mode

ENABLEPOWERCOOLDOWN 0 - Instant cooldown for all powers

ENABLEPOWERCOOLDOWN 1 - Cancels intant cooldown

ENABLEDAMAGE 0 - Disables AI and player damage

ENABLEDAMAGE 1 - Enables AI and player damage

Damage TargetName xxx - deals xxx amount of standart damage to target

damage self 100 - damages self/target/liara (player/targeted creature/squadmate) by 100 points

KillTarget - kills current target (u r pointing at, or is marked by orange frame)

KillEnemies - kills all enemies which are spawned (are on battlefield)

KillParty - kills squadmates

KillPawns - removes squadmates and kills nearby enemies

KillSelf / Suicide - kills player(yourself)

revive - revives player (yourself) (only in multiplayer or testingmaps)

ce hench_picksquad - select available henchmen where you are standing (in the middle of mission).

ce hench_pickany - select any henchmen from full list where you are standing.

ce hench_empty - Play solo (removes squad).Don't use this where your squadmate is leading the way.

ce Hench_SetupSquad_NoFade - teleports henchmen at shepard's location

setspeed 70.501 - acceleration speed of shepards movement. Default= 1. Bigger no=slower acceleration

UseAbility 0 - use power assigned to first hotkey (1)

UseAbility 7 - use power assigned to last hotkey (8)

GrantAllCodex - shows all codex entries

GiveResource xxx - adds xxx amount of resource specified by code. Negative value removes xxx amount. Eg: giveresource 1 99 - adds 99 medigel

InitResource <code> xxx - sets initial xxx amount of resource (sets current value)

initresource 4 3500 - sets Eezo to 3500

Init<Item> xxx - behaviour1: sets initial xxx amount of that item. behaviour2: on some items it works like add/remove (like "giveresource")

InitCredits 40 - sets credits to 40

<Item> <Code> initBehaviour | OtherComments -------------------------------------------------

Credits 0 b1 | When used with "Giveresource" command, works in MP, but not in SP.

Medigel 1 b1 | Can be negative value.Cannot exceed medigel capacity.

Salvage 2 | I havent found what for salvage is used

Grenades 3 b2 | Can be negative value. Cannot exceed grenades capacity

Eezo 4 b1 | Doesnt affect war assets on PC SP, so i cant find reason for them to exist.

Iridium 5 b1 | Doesnt affect war assets on PC SP, so i cant find reason for them to exist.

Palladium 6 b1 | Doesnt affect war assets on PC SP, so i cant find reason for them to exist.

Platinum 7 b1 | Doesnt affect war assets on PC SP, so i cant find reason for them to exist.

Probes 8 | since they appear to be infinite, i dont know how to test them

Ammo b2 | Cannot be negative value.Cannot exceed ammo capacity.

Fuel b2 | Ship's fuel during galaxy travel. Cannot exceed MaxFuel.

MaxFuel b1 | Fuel capacity. Value below 0 blocks ship from travelling outside relay's system. FuelEfficiency float point| Fuel consumption rate.1=default 0.5=half 0=uses no fuel.

AdjustCredits xxx - adds xxx amount of money

AdjustCredits -xxx - removes xxx amount of money

AdjustMediGel xxx - adds medigel

GiveXP xxxxxxxxx - adds xxx amount of exp

Givetalentpoints xxxxx - adds xxx amount of talent points.

Givetalentpoints -xxxxx - removes xxx amount of talent points.

SetRenegade xxxx - sets renegade level

SetParagon xxxx - sets paragon level

GiveSuperGun - 9999 ammo & super damage for equipped weapon

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