• RonStuart

    me3 cheats

    September 3, 2014 by RonStuart

    Bunch of Commands:

    Exit     - Exits the game

    at entrymenu   - loads Main Menu ("press any key to continue" screen)

    restartlevel   - restarts mission

    SaveGame DEBUGNAME  - makes new save (in current career) with your description(DEBUGNAME) (CASE SENSITIVE!).

    LoadGame DebugName  - loads saves which was made by console command in current carrier.

    QuickSave   - Make quicksave

    QuickLoad   - Do quickload

    God    - Toggle on/Off god mode

    ENABLEPOWERCOOLDOWN 0  - Instant cooldown for all powers

    ENABLEPOWERCOOLDOWN 1  - Cancels intant cooldown

    ENABLEDAMAGE 0   - Disables AI and player damage

    ENABLEDAMAGE 1   - Enables AI and player damage

    Damage TargetName xxx  - deals xxx amount of standart damage to target

    damage self 100   - damages…

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