Well here we are now the 10th and everyone has Mass Effect, but there seem to be a lot of people complaining out there. Personally I'm about 10 hours in and I'm enjoying it, yes the lip sink is a little off and Shepard's run not 100% but these are small oversights which are generally not noticed and easily overlooked, I mean if you're running why are you looking at his legs and not where you are going? There are a lot of complaints about how carrying over events don't have a huge impact on the game. I am missing 1/3 of the human fleet because of a decision in ME1! That's two games ago, how many other games can you think of that know what you did in not only its prequel, but the one before that as well? This is new stuff and it can be used again and expanded on. ME2 you generally just got an e-mail, now you have consequences, which yes can be overcome fairly easily but still give them a break, there are 1000s of possible combinations that would take years to make into game-play and probably bankrupt the company in wages. I'll speak more after further playing the game.

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